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The city of Hays Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Tertiary Treatment facility and is listed as a Class V plant by the Sate of Kansas, USA. One of the main objectives of the City of Hays is to find ways to conserve energy and to find more efficient ways of getting the job done, of which SEEPEX was happy to provide a solution. Read More...


Due to stator and rotor innovations, progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) equipped with the Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) design allow for lower life-cycle costs compared to conventional PCPs. SEEPEX pumps with SCT are successfully used to convey a wide variety of media in virtually all industries.


  • Reduce maintenance times by up to 85%
  • Quick and easy to inspect and replace parts or remove blockages
  • Adjustable sealing to suit the application and compensate for wear doubles rotor and stator life
  • No need to remove pump from piping for service